I first heard about the Homeless World Cup from Darwin Mendoza, the president of Quezon United Football Club. He contacted me and suggested I try out. My first thought was that this is an opportunity for me, and somehow, somehow this may help me change my life.

First of all I will contribute [to this team] with discipline, for my teammates to follow. I will do anything in my capacity to help the team. I invited my brother, Mark, to try out because I knew the organizers were looking for a goal keeper. It will be very easy to play with my brother. It will be easy for us to adjust and communicate.
I think it will help the team.

My dream for my life and our family is to alleviate ourselves from poverty. I want to pursue anything that will change our lives. I am not content with our situation. It does not matter to me what type of job I do. I have sold balut.

I have a degree in welding, like my brother, from Southern Luzon State University. I have had one opportunity to use that degree, in a small contract in Laguna. I will never pass up an opportunity to use that degree.

If I am a spokesperson in Rio for the homeless people in our country, I would say that poverty is not a hindrance to success. The number one hindrance is laziness. Number two is lack of discipline and persistence, and lack of confidence and will.